I Why this site?

Because i love photography.

I love doing them, I love to plan to go shooting, I love watching them.

Because I consider every single photograph as a “magic” that stops forever a unique, past, irrecoverable instant.

Because I love looking at every picture at different times of my day and my life, realizing new details and new emotions.


And above all, because I love sharing these emotions and considerations with friends and strangers, with the photographers and the novice. This site aims to share and compare how much each photo gives us. Open the photos I’ve collected and comment. Share them with your friends. And, if you want, send me your photos to friends@picturando.blog and I will publish them according to your instructions (in the email, in addition to the photo in .jpg or in .png indicate me the name you want to appear, the title of the photo and the any link to your site, fb page, etc.)

Thank you, Ivan

Please let usknow your opinion as comment.